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Breast Aesthetics

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentationBreast augmentation-breast enlargement is one of the most common procedures. New mentor cohesive gel implants are used. Incisions can be areolar, submammarial and pocket can be sub muscular, sub glandular or dual plane. Breast Augmentation is the enlargement of breast with breast prosthesis having external silicon surface and filled with gel or serum inside. Operation is suitable for each age group and however it is applied generally to the age group between 20 and 25 in case of genetically small breasts. Size of breasts is adjusted as desired by the use of silicon or gel-filled breast prosthesis for regaining breast size affected by the cases like pregnancy, breast cancer surgical operation and fast weight loss. Material to be placed should be in accordance with the size of prosthesis, shoulder width, weight, height, status and thickness of breast tissue.

Operation time is about 2 hours and postoperative term is up to the applied technique. For example there is low pain after the implantation under breast tissue and pains continuing during 2-3 weeks are normal after implant placement under muscle tissue. It is possible to be discharged from hospital in first day after operation but heavy exercises should not be made during minimum one month. However it is possible to perform the activities like driving or traveling by plane even after one day of operation. As skin stitches are applied with fusible materials, there is no procedure for taking out the stitches.

Breast Lift

Breast LiftIn case of sagging breast following especially weight loss and gain processes or breast feeding it is possible to lift the breasts having low fullness and skin surplus by placing an implant or removing surplus skin.

It is possible also to obtain more satisfactory results with simultaneous lifting and enlargement application. Average time of the operation performed through thin line incision around nipple or from nipple to area under breast is 3 hours. Recovery time is 15 days. It is possible to be discharged from hospital in one or two day after operation. As absorbable stitches are used, it is not required to take out them.


Breast Reduction

Breast ReductionBreast reduction operation is the most frequently performed aesthetic operation in Turkey. Although this operation is considered as an aesthetic operation, large breast problem is a real health problem and may cause irresistible neck, back and waist pains and disorders including even shoulder dislocation.

Superior pedicle vertical scar  mammoplasty is the method for reduction mammoplasty- breast reduction. For breast uplift, we use implants, uplift surgery or both together depending on the patient.

Technique is for of the breasts with huge sizes and not sagged too much and leaves a thin line scar remains after the operation and technique for breasts with huge size and sagging too much leaves a T-shaped scar after operation. Type of operation and reduction size should be discussed and agreed by doctor and patient. During breast reduction liposuction may be applied to the surplus remain on lateral extension of breast toward armpit. Average operation time is 3 hours and recovery time is 15 days.


Gynecomasty Gynecomastia, one of the often encountered problems in male patients, may cause significant social and psychological problems. This problem may be caused by alcohol, breast enlarging hormonal disorders, long term usage of medicines with various side effects, steroid treatments, some chronic disorders and tumors, fast food habits or some infections.

In the cases not very advanced liposuction is a good and practical option. In the advanced cases skin and breast tissue should be removed through the incisions. In both situations incision scar to remain later is almost invisible and so successful that it affects positively patient's psychological and social life and it renews patient's self confidence after operation. Average operation time is 2 hours and it is required to wear corset from 3 weeks to 6 weeks after operation. Extreme arm movements and should be restricted. Many daily activities can be performed two days after operation.

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