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fillingHyaluronic acid level in skin decreases in the course of time. Most important feature of this acid is to hold plenty of water. Skins which get older and cannot hold water cause deep wrinkles. To form an aesthetic facial appearance by filling is one of the commonly used methods. The fact that products used have been approved by FDA proves its credibility and eliminates the possible allergy risk. As it is a temporary application, it is discharged safely from body in 9-12 months. Application deepness varies in accordance with the type of filling material and the deepness of skin defect and wrinkle. Operation time changes from 10 to 20 minutes. For best result, repeated injections are recommended. Does any formation making patient feel discomfort arise Some wrinkles and undesired lines occur due to summer, sun lights and mimics etc. Diversified filling materials in recent years are used to eliminate these wrinkles and lines.

Principal usage areas of filling materials are as follows:

•Downward lines from nose side (Nasolabial Lines)
•Lines between nose and mouth (Philtral Lines)
•Lip enhancement
•Radial lines around lips
•Wrinkles around eyes
•Forehead lines
•Acne spots
•Deformities occurring due to accident or trauma
•Enhancement of cheek and cheekbone
•Correction of some asymmetries in the body


• How long does the efficacy of filling materials continue?

Efficacies of hyaluronic acids containing preparations, Poly L lactic acid containing applications and hidroxyapatite containing preparations continue 6-12 months, 1-2 years and 3-5 years respectively in accordance with the characteristics of used materials and efficacy of permanent filling goes on for a lifetime.

• How long does filling material application take?

One application takes 15-30 minutes.

• Is pain formation seen during application?

No pain to make the patient discomfort occur, if requested, anesthetic cream may be applied 30-60 minutes before application and in some applications local anesthesia can be performed also.

When application is made via an injection, a little swelling may occur and it would be useful for you to apply ice to it. Swelling is observed more especially in lip injections.

• Can I go my office at the day of operation?

Application can be made in any time even in lunch break, and then you can go back readily to your job.

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