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Fundamentals of FUE technique

The FUE method is made up of three main stages. The first stage is taking only one hour operation the other two stages take three hours for each.
How do apply the hair transplanting and what are the steps for this operation?

FUE method

The FUE method is made up of three main stages. The first stage is taking only one hour operation the other two stages take three hours for each. The first stage is the preparation stage. Before the transplanting operation the target area get prepared for the graft taking. At the second stage, the follicles are taken very carefully from the donor area. At the third stage, the target area is prepared for the transplanting. The hair transplanting has to be done by technically. Unless the required care may not be taken the results may be awful.

What is done in first phase?

The first phase of the transplanting operation is taken approximately 1 hour. The process starts with the shaving of the napel area. The reason for that is to enable the follicles decrease to 0.3 mm length which micromotor can pick them one by one. At the same phase, also the hair of chest, leg and napel area also can specify. Hair follicles will be the region's local anesthetic (jetokain, citanes and Marcaini) drugs to numb with this phase will be terminated.

What is done in the second phase?

In this phase hair follicles which will be used from the transmitting area are obtained and this takes approximately 3 hours. Hair follicles are getting by hair transplantation robot and micromotor one by one. During this process in the edge of micromotor or hair transplantation robot 0.6-0.8 punch should be used. With -8.8 mm punch single (graft) hair follicles should be taken. For a natural appearance, single (graft) hair follicles should be transplanted in front hair line. With 1 mm punch double and triple (graft) hair follicles should be taken. In order to create a thick and dense appearance, these hair follicles should be transplanted after single hair follicles which have transplanted in front hair line. In order to count the hair follicles easily they are placed in a special solution in groups of hundred after the hair follicles extraction phase. Before skipping the third phase it is usually given a meal or break time.

3. What is done in the third phase?

In this phase the hair follicles are transplanted and it constitutes the last part of the operation and takes approximately 3 hours. In this phase the front hair line is formed. A last evaluation with the patient about dispersion of the hair follicles is made. Beginning from the front hair line the area of transplantation is narcotized with local anesthetic drugs. After calculating the size of hair follicles and the required depth, channels in which the hair follicles will be placed are opened with lateral slit specially prepared for the follicles. This process constitutes the most important part of hair transplantation.

Why is channel opening important?

The size of micro cutts (channel) in which the hair follicles will be placed and the size of grafts which will be transplanted should be the same in order for the hair follicles could be nourished well. The angles of micro cutts should be opened in the same direction with hair before loss. By calculating the size and length of hair follicles which have taken from transmitting area, the size and length of lateral slit which is used for opening the channel should be adjusted. Personal channel opener should be used. The size of grafts should be determined by experts, the shape of head and hair should be taken into consideration. The size of the front hair area should be 45 degrees upward, the sides should also be 45 degrees upward and the channels should be open with an angle of 45 degrees sideways.

How long does it take for transmitting area to recover after the operation?

For an operation with FUE technique, the hair should be completely cut. This means that the person cannot be social for a period of one week because of the scars in the transmitting area. But if the number of follicles while will be taken from the patients who have long hair is not high, the transmitting area are shaved in lines and the places from which the follices are taken can be hid by combing on even after the operation. In this way the person can be social much faster.

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