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Hair Transplantation for Men

The hair loss is a very important problem for middle age males. The most important cause of hair loss is the testosterone hormone which gives the males their sex.

The hair loss is not a nightmare after FUE technique

Hair Transplantation for Men

The hair loss is a very important problem for middle age males. The most important cause of this disease is the testosterone hormone which gives the males their sex. The most common hair loss for males is genetic hair losses. Despite, the modern technology, this kind of hair loss cannot be stopped. However, the disease can slow down by appropriate treatments. Today, the most effective way for the males is transplanting of hair.

5 Alpha reductase converts the testosterone in to the dihidrotestosterone (DHT) in the human body. Afterthat, DHT arrives to the follicles and send signals to our hair by cell receptors. This signals results shortening the hair life, to decrease of follicles and terminal hair. As a result of that our hair follicles get diluted, decreased, weak and rarefaction. Although every man has testosterone, why only some of them loose their hair?

Although, the most important causes of hair loss is testosterone which all mankind have the effects are not the same for all males. According to one of the theory about this manner which states that some males have more the receptor in their hair follicles as genetics. By this way, DHT can affect the hair follicles much more. Another theory says, 5 alpha reductase enzyme is much more effected at hair loss. What ever the cause, hair loss is a genetic problem for mankind. The most effective way for all this diseases is hair transplanting.

What is the most frequent kind of hair loss for males?

The most frequent type of hair loss for males is androgenetic hair loss. The androgenetic hair loss which is called as genetic hair loss is the most common type of this disease. In this type of hair loss first the hair of front side of head begins to loose. This loss advances to backside of the head in time. This results to hair loss in the front side of the head. Frequently, in the vertex area which is the beginning of the hair follicles also loss the same way. In time, this two areas will increase and whole top of the head.

The hair loss can pass to you by one of your relative

The androgenetic hair loss can pass from parents. This genetic disease can pass also from your aunt or uncle.

Due to genetic liability and sensitivity the last period of the hair loss can change from loss of all hair to only a part of it. The development of hair loss can change. For some males the front hair line can stand until the end of life. Rarely, a hair loss can be seen at the top of the head without loss of anywhere else. A well known example of this type of hair loss is hair loss of a famous football player Zinedine Zidane.

The solution of andorgenetic hair loss is hair planting under control of a specialist!

Hair Transplantation for Men

Today, it is impossible to stop the hair loss permanently. But it is not remain unsolvable either. The most effective way for hair loss is hair transplanting treatments. As sensitive as your hair follicles are the period of loss is as aggressively increase as is. This is a sensitivity which is result of the genetic. As a result of that, your hair gets weakened and loosens.

There is no miraculous medicine which stops the hair loss after that point there is no need to have unnecessary stresses, because, there is no medical method to stop hair loss. However you can get your hair again with some methods. The only hypercorrect way for you is to go to a specialist doctor. Never use a medicine or treatment which is not proven. This will harm you and waste of your money. Furthermore, this kind of treatment may harm you permanently. Instead of this you can get in contact with a hair transplanting clinic. Today, we use the Norwood -Hamilton scale which is internationally accepted for hair loss and periods for effective results. According to this scale there are 7 periods. For example, period 1 means no hair loss. That's why never highlighted on any chart.

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