Kimyasal peeling, leke tedavisi


peeling Peeling means peeling of upper skin in dermatology. The purpose of this operation is to remove upper skin worn out by sunlight, environmental effects and increasing age and enable skin to gain a fresher appearance. To recover toneless view of skin and remove spots and scars, mechanic abrasion method has been used for many years. As from 1950s modern techniques have been developed and peeling of skin by chemicals in controlled way has become widespread.

Lightest peeling operation is a method to support skin care made by fruit acids. It clears up the dead cells on skin and tightens the dermal pores. With the removal of dead cells forming a barrier on skin, skin care products having feeder content are sucked better by skin. Chemical peeling operation can be classified in 3 categories in accordance with their purposes and effect levels: Superficial Peeling, Medium Peeling and Deep Chemical Peeling

Superficial Peeling

Acid concentration of the material used is low. Generally materials like glycolic acid, fruit acids, resorcinol, and salicylic acid are used commonly. In this peeling method, top skin layer is removed with this peeling method. Dermal pores are narrowed and skin becomes smoother. Very superficial wrinkles can be decreased somewhat. It is suitable method for a skin with clean and fresh appearance. It is possible to return to daily life right after the operation. From 4 to 8 sessions can be applied on a monthly basis.

Medium Peeling

Medium chemical peeling is very effective in refreshing the skin. It is not only effective in removal of thin wrinkles and but also in the treatment of very superficial acne scars. Its effect in the treatment of deep acne scars and deep wrinkles is very low. In this operation materials with a bit more acid concentration are used. TCA (Trichloro Acetic Acid) and Glycolic acid are the materials used commonly.

In order to obtain an effective result from operation, it can be repeated 2-4 times. Improvement made by peeling cure by the use of daily care products appropriate for your skin can be ensured for a long time. Medium chemical peeling can be performed under clinical conditions. Application takes about 45-60 minutes. A pain killer may be used by the ones having low pain threshold against burning feel during application. After operation skin becomes red. And then skin becomes darker to brown and skin starts to be erupted in 2-3 days. Recovery period is about one week. In order to accelerate recovery process skin should be kept dry and everyday pomade should be applied to skin after a couple of washings.

Deep Chemical Peeling

Chemical Peeling

Deep peeling (phenol peeling) is a very severe peeling cure. Preferably it is performed under general and local anesthesia in the conditions of operating room. Acne scars, superficial wrinkles and many spot types are treated very successfully by the use of this method. Process after operation is very painful. It is required to use pain killers regularly. Swellings are seen on face during 1-2 weeks.

Recovery time is about 1 month and complete recovery of rash may take three months. As compared with other peeling methods it is very efficient and its effect lasts for a long time. Considering the risk of permanent color fading in dark-skinned people, it is a

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