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Solution for Hair Loss in Women: FUE technique

Every one of three women suffer from pale hair, thinning of hair and hair loss during their lives.
Stress is the most important reason for Hair Loss in Women

Solution for Hair Loss in Women: FUE technique

Every one of three women suffer from pale hair, thinning of hair and hair loss during their lives. Androgenetic Alopecia (men-type hair loss) is seen often in women too; it is interpreted as the most important indicator for stress and internal diseases. Hormone imbalance is another important reason for hair loss.

Other reasons are hormone treatments, thyroid disease, iron deficiency, malnutrition and stress. The best solution for these problems is hair transplantation with other treatments.

Androgenetic alopecia in women, progresses differently from hair loss in men.

Solution for Hair Loss in Women: FUE technique

Compared with men androgenetic alopecia begins at later ages in women. In women diffuse hair loss (consists of all scalp) occurs. All hair on scalp gets thinner or becomes sparse. Compared with men miniaturization on terminal hair occurs at lower levels. Because of that full hair loss is rare. This can be explained with the fact that in women 5 alpha reductase enzyme activity is less than in men. But after menopause or in the situations androgens in blood rises forehead and top head hair thinning can be seen like in men. However in women front hairline is usually protected. Androgenetic alopecia is regarded as an illness in men. But as it makes serious psychological stress and indicates internal illnesses in women it is an important problem. Man-type hair loss which is seen in 30 million women in USA has 75% more effect on women than men. While men can see man-type hair loss as acceptable, it is harder for women to accept it.

Hair loss in women depends on various reasons other than genetic hair loss.

Before diagnosed with women-type hair loss the patient should be examined if there is another illness causing hair loss. For example factors such as hormonal, systemic illnesses, cancer, malnutrition, infection, drugs, and chemical agents should be questioned. Other factors causing hair loss on women other than genetic reasons are:

Hormone Imbalances

Another important reasons for hair thinning and hair loss in women are hormone imbalances and hormone treatments. Birth control pills may usually result in hair loss.

Thyroid Diseases and Iron Deficiency

Hair loss can occur during hormone imbalance treatment in the situation of thyroid gland working too much or less than required which is known as hyper- and hypothyroids. Iron deficiency anemia can be seen as the result of serious menstrual bleeding or not eating enough nutrition which are iron-rich and this may result in hair loss.

Malnutrition and stress

In diets which aren't done consciously and in single-type nourishment hair cannot get enough vitamins, minerals and proteins which are constituent of keratin required for its life span. Therefore hair gets thinner and hair loss problem begins. Apart from that each factor which is source for stress in body shows negative effect on hair.

Mistakes in hair care also results in hair loss

Frequent use of chemicals like hair dye, hair gel, hair tie done so tight and frequently that can result in mechanic trauma on hair, regular blow dry and especially shaping wet hair with hair shaper such as nippers damages hair in a serious way. To prevent it hair cream should be done only on edges of hair and edges should be cut often. It is known that brushing hair has negative effects as it creates mechanic trauma. So brushing should be done minimized.

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